Exhibition - Julia Margaret Cameron: Influence and Intimacy

Exhibition - Julia Margaret Cameron: Influence and Intimacy

Julia Margaret Cameron: Influence and Intimacy, Science Museum, 24th September 2015 to 28th March 2016, free entry.

Year 2015 marked 200th anniversary of the birth of Julia Margaret Cameron, a pioneering female photographer.

To commemorate this important anniversary, The Science Museum is hosting an exhibition: Julia Margaret Cameron: Influence and Intimacy. The display features a sequence of 94 images compiled in the Herschel Album (created in 1864) - a series of dreamy portraits that Cameron took of her friends, family and famous personalities of her time.

Each of the portraits is accompanied by an interesting caption, which explains who the depicted person is and often includes anecdotes from Cameron's or her sitter's lives, describing circumstances of how the portraits were created. Those little stories create a more personal feeling around each of the photographs helping the viewers understand the live of Julia Margaret Cameron.

A lot of portraits created by Cameron were inspired by religious themes, like for example La Madonna Adolorata, where Cameron's personal maid, Mary Ann Hillier was depicted as Virgin Mary. Cameron also took inspiration from the works of literature, staging her sitters to impersonate the characters of novels and dramatic plays.

In 1870s Julia and her husband moved back to Ceylon (Sri Lanka), where she continued following her passion for photography and taking portraits of servants and local residents. Due to the climate however she was struggling with the developing techniques. The exhibition suggests that not more than 30 images from that period survived. Those rare late photographs taken in Sri Lanka are also on display.

In addition to the outstanding portraits, the exhibition also includes Cameron's camera lens (the only surviving piece of her photographic equipment), original letters that Cameron wrote to Sir John Herschel, as well as handwritten notes from her autobiography, “Annals of my glass house”.

More about the exhibition can be fount on Science Museum website.