small car BIG CITY

small car BIG CITY

Tour around London in Classic Mini Cooper

Few weeks ago I had a chance to participate with other Instagramers in a tour around London in Classic Mini Coopers. The tour was organised by London Instagram hub @London4All and smallcarBIGCITY, the company which offers Classic Mini Cooper hire for private sightseeing tours, events and even film and advertising industries.  

I had the pleasure to be taken around London in Daisy, Rover Mini Cooper from 1992 in White with a black roof and full-length sunroof.

This few hours' lasting tour was definitely an exceptional experience, especially that Classic Minis and their passengers attracted lots of attention from both Londoners and tourists. The cars are also extremely photogenic, as you can see in my photographic story of the tour. 

The first encounter with smallcarBIGCITY team and the Classic Minis: Poppy, Rosie and Daisy

First location - Leake Street Tunnel

Next stop - photoshoot in front of The Kings Arms pub near Waterloo

Following that we moved on to do some fashion shoots in Leadenhall Market. You can see below our amazing drivers, Lawrence, Sam and Tom

Visiting the Tower Bridge seemed like an obligatory part of the trip

Before we reach the last stop, let's see some shots from the road

The last stop - Stoney Street near Borough Market

Many thanks to @London4All and smallcarBIGCITY for organising such an amazing tour. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and repeat it myself at any time.