Exhibition: Victorian London in photographs

Exhibition: Victorian London in photographs

Free exhibition at London Metropolitan Archives runs from the 5th of May until the 29th of October 2015.

The exhibition displays photographs of Victorian London in both printed and digital format, presenting the portraits, street scenes and important events from those times. It also features the first photograph of London taken by M. de St Croix in 1839.

When entering the exhibition the viewers will see two contrasting images depicting London’s skyline in the 19th century and nowadays. Then the visitors can view the slide show of photographs of  Victorian streets of London: next to the captures of beautiful boulevards attended by wealthy Londoners can be found pictures of the back streets, dark alleyways and other poorer districts of the city.

One of the exhibition’s highlights is a collection of photographs by The Society For Photographing Relics of Old London. The aim of the Society was to raise awareness of the buildings that were considered important or for any other reason characteristic of London by permanently recording their image in a photograph. Thanks to this initiative we can now view images of some of the buildings that were demolished long time ago, for example The Oxford Arms Inn.

The exhibition also features slideshows of photographs of 19th century Londoners. Two of them, that drew my attention the most, are portraits of theatrical actors and next to it – captivating portrayals of Colney Hatch Asylum patients.

In addition, the exhibition also provides detailed information about the early photographic techniques, like daguerreotypes, calotypes or woodburytypes and it has on display some of the old cameras used in the 19th century.

Please visit the London Metropolitan Archives website to find out more.

London Metropolitan Archives also provide online access to their Collage Catalogue, which features a variety of early photographs of London, some of which are being displayed at the exhibition.