Locations - Krakow

Locations - Krakow

Kraków is a beautiful city located in the south of Poland. It has a picturesque Old Town, surrounded by a circular park, with a royal castle on a hill and a river running through the city. This is the place where I attended University many years ago and to which I return every year. 

Here I have posted some of the shots which I took during my last visit, when strolling through the Old Town and admiring the views from the Wawel Castle. 

Wandering the street of the Old Town; a horse carriage (dorozka) visible on one of the photos below still can be found on the streets of Krakow, however it is mainly used by tourists and turns out to be a very popular attraction.

Views from the Wawel Castle:

Within the Castle Grounds:

Rynek Główny - The Main Square: